Homework to become Smoke-free

This homework should be done between session, as a communication to yourself that you are serious about being smoke-free.

In order for hypnotherapy to work, it is necessary to communicate to your subconscious mind that you really want to become smoke-free. The subconscious mind respects effort. You must therefore apply some concentrated effort, although it is not necessary to exhaust yourself or make it unpleasant.

  • Repeat 100 times everyday: «I love to be healthy and smoke-free.»
  • Your body consists of 70 % water. Fill a jar with water and put the cigarette butt in the jar.
  • Be aware of the fact that smoking does not relax you. It is a negative action that causes you stress.
  • Start using another brand (with a bad taste), and become smoke-free in 30 % of your smoking situations.
  • Hold the cigarette with your other hand, holding it between your pinky and your ring finger.
  • See yourself as a smoke-free person.
  • I want to you to bring with you craving for cigarettes when you come to the second session. I will remove this craving when you come.